Our Story

Suntiva combines time-honored traditions with innovative solutions to deliver medicinal remedies that balance, heal, and calm. Sun-grown in Southern Italy, Suntiva CBD is here to infuse the world with wellness – one tablet at a time. We believe that sun-grown, nature-nurtured herbal remedies are the key to holistic health in the modern age. 

CBD supplements born from sunshine and rooted in science.

Organic, Sun-grown Italian Hemp

Suntiva’s hemp plants are hand-selected by our PhD scientists to ensure that it offers a full cannabinoid profile, with the lowest levels of THC possible.  Our organic hemp fields are located on the Mediterranean coast of Eastern Italy – one of the richest agricultural hubs in the world. The warm and sunny, subtropical Mediterranean climate creates the perfect conditions for our proprietary plant genetics to thrive.     

Expert-level extraction in certified manufacturing facilities.

Twenty-five years of experience in herbal manufacturing has allowed us to develop proprietary extraction techniques with industry leading efficacy and efficiency. We utilize a temperature-controlled, closed-loop, CO2-expanded, liquid ethanol (CXLES) extraction, which combines the best practices of both ethanol- and CO2- extraction, resulting in a more efficient, pure, and high-quality extraction. The full-plant hemp extract is then further refined and developed to improve the bioavailability of cannabinoids in our tablets and to remove any trace elements of THC.  

Industry Certification and Testing

Throughout each stage of the process, from seed-to-tablet, we test our inputs and materials to ensure that we have precise control of the entire manufacturing process.  Everything from the hemp plants, to the hemp oil extraction, to the tablets, and even the conditions of our facilities are in compliance with FDA guidelines and standards. Our extraction and processing laboratories are GMP-certified which means that a third-party auditing agency, on behalf of the FDA, has certified that our operation meets or exceeds those FDA regulatory standards set forth to ensure expert-level pharmaceutical quality.  In addition, all of our Suntiva facilities are registered with the FDA. 

Increasing the power of our products. Developing our tablets and increasing their bioavailability.

Lastly, we refine the oil again to improve the bioavailability of our CBD, so that your body can absorb more of it. Cannabinoids are large fat-soluble molecules – their large molecular structure is the reason no one else has been able to make a CBD tablet. Suntiva shrinks the CBD molecule using a process known as micronization, which allows us to improve the potency of the product.  That is why many Suntiva users say that our 30mg product feels as strong as competitors’ 50mg capsules.  It is because our broad-spectrum CBD can be more easily absorbed by the body.  With other products, your body’s natural filtration system eliminates much of the CBD before it has the chance to even make an impact on you. Our process ensures that more of the CBD is absorbed by the body, giving you more of the benefits you are looking for. 

The first ever CBD tablet delivered to your door.

Suntiva goes the extra mile to offer a broad-spectrum CBD tablet, because we believe that the health benefits of cannabis should be accessible to everyone. With broad-spectrum CBD, you get the full health benefits of CBD, without the risk of ingesting THC, and with a tablet, you can leave the messy tinctures and leaky capsules behind.  Tablets are discrete, convenient, and fit seamlessly into your daily wellness routine. We are so confident you will love your Suntiva tablets, that we offer all of our customers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. Thank you for joining us on this path to natural health and well-being. 

Backed by science. Lab tested.

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